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Presenting at NEMLA 2015

The Northeast Modern Language Association annual meeting was in Hartford, CT, on Palm Sunday weekend, and I presented my research on a/gender and virginity in the poetry of the seventeenth-century Mexican nun and poet, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. “’El sexo no es escencia en lo entendido’: Sor Juana’s Women’s Bodies and Ungendered Souls” was part of a seminar on “Punishment, Control, and Heroines in Early Modern Spain.” I’d never participated in a seminar format before, but it has a lot of advantages: we all read the papers ahead of time and had the space to reflect on connections and questions before coming into the seminar. The only downside is that the seminar took place during the very last time slot of the conference, when a major snowstorm was looming — you can imagine what it did to our audience!