HASTAC-king and Interning

Two big news items! I’ve been chosen as one of my department’s HASTAC scholars for 2016-2017: I’ll be bringing my work with Six Degrees of Francis Bacon to a wider audience. And I’ve also been hired as my department’s Admissions and Recruitment intern, tasked with bringing in a bigger and better pool of prospective graduate and undergraduate students. I’m also taking over my department’s web and social media presence. Don’t be surprised if you see lots of bunny memes.

Talkbacks and The Red House

I’ve been invited twice this semester to participate in “Talkbacks” at The Red House Arts Center in Syracuse. These are post-performance discussions for the audience to pose questions about the play, its production, and its history and context to a panel of experts — including cast, crew, and a scholar (me!). The Red House puts on spectacular productions with a tiny stage — I highly recommend them. So far I’ve participated in Talkbacks for William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Sarah Ruhl’s Passion Play, and I’m very much looking forward to participating again. I really got to dork out to the audience for Passion Play — Sarah Ruhl really did her research on the medieval origins of the Corpus Christi play cycles and the English Reformation’s anti-Catholicism, and she carried their themes through Nazi Germany and Reagan’s America. It was chilling and moving and didn’t for a second feel like a 3.5 hour play.

Presenting at NEMLA 2015

The Northeast Modern Language Association annual meeting was in Hartford, CT, on Palm Sunday weekend, and I presented my research on a/gender and virginity in the poetry of the seventeenth-century Mexican nun and poet, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. “’El sexo no es escencia en lo entendido’: Sor Juana’s Women’s Bodies and Ungendered Souls” was part of a seminar on “Punishment, Control, and Heroines in Early Modern Spain.” I’d never participated in a seminar format before, but it has a lot of advantages: we all read the papers ahead of time and had the space to reflect on connections and questions before coming into the seminar. The only downside is that the seminar took place during the very last time slot of the conference, when a major snowstorm was looming — you can imagine what it did to our audience!

Blog series on the Human in the Digital Humanities on Metathesis

Since I’ve started contributing to and curating Six Degrees of Francis Bacon, I’ve been thinking a lot about the digital humanities and their relationship to the humanities. This is the subject of my latest series of posts on Metathesis. Check out my posts below!

Funding for Metathesis comes from the generous support of the Dean’s Professor for the Public Humanities fund. I remain thrilled to be able to share my work in this medium.

Blog Series on LGBT History at Metathesis

In honor of LGBT History Month, I’ve been writing about LGBT and queer history and historiography over at my department’s blog, Metathesis. Check out my posts below!

Funding for Metathesis comes from the generous support of the Syracuse University English Department’s Public Humanities Fund. I’m honored and thrilled to be able to share my work in this medium.

Presenting at NEASECS 2014

The Northeastern American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Conference is coming to Syracuse University this September, and I’ll be presenting my paper on an eighteenth-century Jesuit’s “translation” of a sixteenth-century Jesuit’s catechism. “Idioma mexicano”: Criollismo and Spanish Text/Paratext in Paredes’s Nahuatl Catecismo mexicano is part of a panel on “Evidence of the Past in the Global Eighteenth Century.” Check out the university’s coverage of the upcoming event, and visit the conference website for more details — there are so many exciting panels to choose from!